The West-Algarve is famous amongst the surf scene. At this coastline, the sea makes strong and high waves and many surf schools are active. Praia do Amado, Praia de Arrifana, Praia de Monte Clérigo, Praia do Odeceixe and Praia da Amoreira are top of the bill beaches. On these beaches it happens, that many people get in touch with the phenomenon ‘surf’! Besides surfing, there are lots of activities to experience. Let’s find out the feeling of mountain biking, rock-climbing, horse riding, sailing, playing golf, making donkey-trips or 4×4 rural tours.

Hikers and Bird Watchers

What an immense variation in nature! In the spring the scenery is very colorful with a lot of variation of wild flowers. The municipality of Aljezur is situated at the foot of the Monchique hills in a beautiful green environment. There you can feel the tranquility and you can make lovely walks through different nice valleys. Hiking through the mountains is nice in every season because of the spectacular. Of course there is very much too see for bird watchers. Regularly you hear the owls and cuckoos, but also the storks, eagles, partridges and woodchat shrikes are some of the birds that are often seen. And what do you think of a nice walk through the dunes, with the rustle of the sea in your ears…..